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Ming Dynasty masterpiece inspires art installation by French artist

2024-06-20 12:05:59 Source: CGTN
A long scroll by Ming Dynasty Chinese landscape painter Wu Bin has recently inspired French artist Isabelle Cornaro to create a three-dimensional art installation in a museum in Beijing.
Ming Dynasty masterpiece inspires art installation by French artist
A section of Wu Bin's landscape painting that inspired French artist Isabelle Cornaro in her art creations. (Photo:CGTN)
​Wu Bin's painting dating back to the 17th century depicts layer upon layer of mountains and hills, a myriad of peaks and valleys stretching for miles.
"I decided to again simplify the shapes of landscape and produce geometric volumes on which I would display very small objects. Because the difference mainly between European and Chinese landscape is the fact that Chinese landscape developed in verticality and in horizontality, "explained French artist Isabelle Cornaro, who recently arrived in Beijing for her solo exhibition.
Isabelle Cornaro, a French contemporary artist, curator, and educator, scoured Beijing's antique stores and second-hand markets before the exhibition to collect small objects for her current site-specific art installation showcased at the Today Art Museum.
This exhibition features a panoramic display of 27 works across four major series, showcasing Cornaro's iconic large-scale sculptural installations and her explorations in painting and video. With a strong background in art history, Cornaro's works explore various representational systems and symbols within art.
She said she feels happy to be involved in the cultural dialogue between China and France. "This year is the 60th year anniversary of France-China friendship, so I'm very, very happy to be part of this cultural exchange, and that somehow in the show there are different pieces that precisely relate to the French story of painting and the Chinese history of painting, "noted the artist at the opening ceremony of her exhibition which is due to run until July 14.
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