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Bridging cultures: 'Harmony across Eras' celebrates Chinese, Finnish art

2024-06-19 13:50:36 Source: China Daily
Bridging cultures:
Furniture and porcelain from the Qing Dynasty(1644–1911). [Photo / chinadaily. com. cn]
The exhibition"Harmony across Eras:Treasures from the Collection of the First Ambassador of Finland to China"is underway at the Guardian Art Center in downtown Beijing, offering a glimpse into the fluidity of aesthetic sensibilities across time and cultures.
"Harmony across Eras"comprises over 100 ancient Chinese artifacts from the collection of Cay Sundström, the first ambassador of Finland to China, who collected these pieces during his time in Beijing from 1953 to 1959.
The exhibition also features iconic Finnish design classics and a light installation by the Finnish artist Teemu Määttänen.
"Harmony across Eras"opened on June 7 and will run through June 27. It's co-organized by the embassy of Finland in Beijing and the Guardian Art Center, one of China's leading art institutions and auction houses.
Bridging cultures:
Peacock and peony vase, Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty(1644–1911). [Photo / chinadaily. com. cn]
Bridging cultures:
A revolving floral vase from the late Qing Dynasty. [Photo / chinadaily. com. cn]
Bridging cultures:
Noisescape by Teemu Määttänen. [Photo / chinadaily. com. cn]
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