About Chinafun
The Global People magazine was founded by the People's Daily in 2006. It is currently one of the largest and most influential news magazines in China. Global People has been listed as one of "China's best-selling magazines" by China Post, and recommended by the Boao Forum for Asia for many years as well.
Global People aims to record the times with people's stories. During the last 18 years, Global People continued to produce insightful, accurate, and vivid news stories, with its focus on important global figures from fields of politics, economy, technology, culture, art, etc.The biweekly magazine has its presence in public libraries, universities, airports, major book stores and high-level office buildings, with its circulation of around 200 thousand per issue.
Global People has multimedia outlets, including magazine, news portal, visual studio, and livestreaming platform. Its presence on social media platforms covers over 50 million users. It also owns subsidiaries creating cultural and creative products, as well as educational products.